Friday, March 25, 2011

Pets and Health

Four weeks ago, I adopted a dog. She is currently 7-months old and is an Australian Cattle Dog/black Lab mix named Lucy. Before adopting her, I did my homework on all the different breeds I might be interested in. I ultimately wanted a dog that had a decent amount of energy--but wasn't bouncing off the walls every second--so that we could go hiking and running together. Turns out that Cattle Dogs have lots of expendable energy--combine that with being only 7-months old and WOW!

Fast forward 2 weeks after adopting Lucy. I was on my fourth walk with Lucy when I started thinking about how good dogs are for us. Lucy may or may not have needed to have been walked a total of five times that day, but what would America look like if people went on five walks a day? So I did a little digging...

After doing a little poking around, it became crystal clear that pets are really, really, really good for us! They have been proven to control blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and make us get out and exercise and even facilitate the development of social contacts (check these articles for more info Dog-owners 'lead healthier lives' and How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress). 

Going out and adopting a dog just because isn't what I'm saying here. People can easily be happy and healthy without pets. But if you're looking for an extra boost or reason to get out and breath some fresh air and get healthy, then grab your buddy's leash and go do it! Both you and your pal will benefit, guaranteed.

I've only had Lucy for 4 weeks now but I can't wait to get her out hiking on some mountainside in the White Mountains this summer. In the meantime, hour-long walks or five-fifteen minute walks a day will have to do!


  1. My Physician recommended me to get a dog.

  2. Dogs are a great way to get out and exercise outdoors. Although they can be some work, they're worth it a million times over :-)